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Stephanie Anderson

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Presentation skills.  Stephanie Anderson (M.A. Communication Studies, BFA Dance) is a lecturer in the Communication Studies Department at San Jose State University. She teaches  public speaking, performance studies, and writing courses at San José State University and De Anza College, CA, USA since 2010. Anderson's work focuses on critical pedagogy, performance studies, and intercultural communication. Over the years, she has coached nationally ranked speech and debate teams from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Ashok K Babbar

Leadership coaching.  Ashok K. Babbar's experience in Silicon Valley spans over 30 years providing fiscal, strategic, product design/development and operations leadership across various industries. He is exceptionally creative in transforming startups and established businesses with a clear path to growth and financial stability as well as in penetrating progressive growth markets with a full understanding of global impact. Mr. Babbar's areas of expertise include raising capital, merger & acquisition, advising C-level management, corporate governance, assessing risks, long-term sustainability and deal structuring. He is currently working as a CEO of SSRLabs, Inc., and is available exclusively for C-level consulting and special projects that intersect with the interests of the companies he is working with.

Deanna L FassetT

Presentation skills, program and event design, facilitation.  Deanna L. Fassett (Ph.D.) is Department Chair and professor of communication pedagogy at San Jose State University, CA, USA where she has, since 2002, mentored her department's graduate student instructors. She is the author and editor of four books, and her published research appears frequently in a broad array of communication studies journals.

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Minna J Holopainen

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Presentation skills, program and event design, facilitation, coaching multicultural teams, online teaching.  Minna J. Holopainen (M.A. Communication Studies) is the owner of inFlux Communication and works as a communication practitioner, trainer, and lecturer with various public and private organizations and universities in the San Francisco Bay Area, Finland, and Pakistan since 2008. Her work focuses on the practical application of dialogue, intercultural communication, leadership and organizational change on diversity issues, and collaborative online pedagogies.

andrew f wood


Presentation skills, coaching multicultural teams, online teaching.  Andrew F. Wood  (Ph.D.) is a professor of Communication Studies and Humanities Honors at San José State University, CA, USA. Dr. Wood regularly consults and lectures on topics that include Silicon Valley startup culture, gamification, mediated communication, and intercultural communication with particular emphasis on Finland and China. He is also a speech coach who specializes in working one-on-one with busy professionals. Other teaching foci and professional experience include new media, visual communication, popular culture, peer mentoring, and small group communication. Dr. Wood has authored or co-authored several books on urban life, internet communication, reality television, roadside Americana, and the 1939-40 New York World's Fair. One of his recent books, City Ubiquitous: Place, Communication, and the Rise of Omnitopia, was the 2009 winner of the Jane Jacobs Urban Communication Award. Dr. Wood is a highly sought public speaker and commentator, delivering keynote addresses and providing commentary for National Public Radio, USA Today, and other media outlets throughout North America and Europe. 

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