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corporate training & consulting

INFLUX offers a broad range of products and services to organizations who want to develop their employees, teams, and the organization itself in leadership in the rapidly changing global markets. Our customized training programs build the foundation for success by targeting the key areas that affect the success of today’s workplaces and organizations: Leadership, Collaboration, Agility, Transparency, Innovation, Productivity, Employee Experience, Engaging Millennials, and Culture & Cohesiveness.

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teacher development

Teachers’ continuous professional development is an important strategy for developing the complex skills students need in the 21st century. INFLUX consultants have special expertise in inclusive pedagogy. We develop teachers and methods, and grow learning communities that respond to the challenges of the diverse educational environments or today.

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custom programs

We plan and organize short-term study programs for businesses and higher education in San Francisco Bay Area. The area is known as one of the most diverse and innovative ecosystems in the world, breeding new startups and high-tech companies, vigorous academic institutions, and prosperous wine and recreation industries. Our on-ground study programs provide a one-of-a-kind immersion experience into this ecosystem: we offer lived Silicon Valley experiences within a practical academic framework that helps the participants understand and process their experiences as they tour Silicon Valley companies, co-working spaces, business accelerators and incubators, universities, events, and recreation sites.

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social innovation

Social innovations are new approaches to addressing social needs that engage, mobilize, and empower community members, and a process of developing those approaches into solutions that deliver better social outcomes. We consider social entities as systems, and we believe that an effective approach to social innovation is inclusive, empowering of community members, sustainable, and digitally connected to global communities.

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