What We Do.


We build leaders who embrace rapid change and foster inclusive environments for individuals, teams, and organizations who shape the future. Our programs train people in presentation skills, managing teams and organizations, conflict management, diversity, accessibility and inclusion and other areas of leadership.


Why Us.

  1. Superior expertise. INFLUX consultants have either graduate or doctorate degrees. Many of them are leading experts in their fields, publishing regularly original research, papers and books. This expertise makes our programs cutting-edge.
  2. Products that fit. INFLUX trainings are always customized for our clients. Our consultants have extensive, international expertise working with a diverse clientele across many kinds of cultures and abilities. The skills you learn with us will be suitable for the particulars of your own culture. All our trainings are offered in English. We can provide many trainings also in Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, German, and Finnish.
  3. Practical skills. INFLUX clients are equipped with practical skills that they find valuable both at work and in their private lives. We weave our academic expertise together with practical understanding of contexts from all sectors of the society.

How We Do It.


INFLUX grows leaders from individual people, teams, and organizations.

Our product families target the key areas affecting the success of today’s workplaces and organizations: Leadership, Collaboration, Agility, Transparency, Innovation, Productivity, Employee Experience, Engaging Millennials, and Culture & Cohesiveness.

INFLUX offers a unique framework for developing skills:

  1. ELEMENTS products develop a broader overview of a topic,
  2. IMMERSION products develop target expertise on specific topics,
  3. PRACTICA products are designed for continuing skills practice, and
  4. APEX products are short term programs that build skills and expertise on many areas simultaneously.