Corporate Training & Consulting

We are in the 4th industrial revolution (the digital revolution), but this change, unlike before is accelerating at a phenomenal rate. To embrace and lead this change cannot be simply resolved by “reskilling” people. Instead companies need to focus on the entire organizational ecosystem to enable both individual and organizational reinvention with respect to leadership, culture cohesiveness, transparency, collaboration, innovation, productivity, agility and engaging 21st century workforce.


INFLUX offers a broad range products and services that are based on four (4) targeted levels of training skills for individuals, teams and organizations as well as product packages for faster learning with a creative mix of training products.

Level 1 training teaches individuals the fundaments skills of becoming a leader. 

Level 2 training teaches individuals deeper mental involvement of learning advance leadership qualities.

Level 3 training teaches individuals perfecting their skills into practice through live examples 

Level 4 basically positions the individual to a level professional leader


Product Packages

The multitude of differences in our employees, clients, products and services has made it more challenging for leaders and organizations to predict performance outcomes and the ability to drive growth. We need to be open-minded to the unique needs and differences of how all people — as individuals — want to be served.

This is the exact reason why INFLUX has created the following Product Packages. In addition, these training and service products under each Package the products are customized based on Client’s needs and goals.




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